A Taste of Home

So some technical difficulties and 650 euros spent repairing my broken MacBook later… I’m back!

As you can imagine, every day here is busy and I am constantly looking for new, exciting things to do. Since my last blog post, I saw the Mona Lisa and countless other pieces of impressive art, visited Versailles, ate crêpes by the Arc de Triomphe, went shopping on the Champs d’Elysées… The list goes on and on. But this one moment obviously outweighs all of these cultural experiences

I finally found an iced coffee. Like, actual coffee, milk, and ice, not blended like a frappuccino or costing 8 euros. This is pretty much impossible to find in Paris.

Now, this wasn’t exactly my Starbucks grande iced coffee with sugar-free syrup and almond milk, but it also wasn’t one of the tiny black coffees you get from French cafés. As I sat with my friends and ate brunch (my favorite meal of the week, obviously), I felt at home in this huge, crazy city. Though it may have just been an iced coffee, it reminded me of hours spent lifeguarding, going on walks, and doing homework. These are the simple things that make me feel at home. I cannot express how much I value the crazy opportunities and adventures I’m having here, but sometimes, it’s also nice to take a break and forget about all the excitement.

Immediately after the iced coffee, I took a guided tour of the Louvre in French and then attended a dinner party of people from all over the world, so I guess that was pretty great too.

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