1 Month Update

So I haven’t been the best at sharing everything in a timely manner, but I want to give you a quick update of where I am now and what I have planned for the semester before I release some more specific blog posts about what I’ve been up to. Today marks the official end to my first month in Paris… But let’s not get too sentimental, because it also marks the beginning of my next 3 months here!


Being here for 1 month also means that I’m three weeks into classes (a quarter of the semester!) They’ve definitely been difficult and a bit stressful. Honestly that’s probably an understatement. My first presentation was less than successful and I dread my Wednesday night French Constitutional Law discussion section all week. But it’s getting easier and I’m feeling more comfortable as each day goes by, so I’m just trying to keep it all in perspective. Yes, I’m here primarily to take classes, but even if I’m struggling to stay afloat, the practice I’m getting with the French language and what I’m learning from my brilliant professors and classmates from all over the world is invaluable.

Of course, when I only have classes three times a week, that’s not all I do. Most of my sightseeing and exploring happened at the beginning of my time here when I was enrolled in the Welcome Program, but I still try to take every opportunity to keep visiting new places and trying new things. My only trip so far has been my weekend in Normandy (more information coming in future blog posts!), but even just a day spent in Paris can include visiting a new neighborhood, trying new food, etc. I love that I have so many people here from so many different circles with whom I can spend time exploring and seeing the city from their perspective as well.





As much as I love Paris, a semester abroad wouldn’t feel right without traveling outside the country as well. Next weekend, I’ll be in Munich for Oktoberfest, and the weekend after, I’ll be visiting friends studying abroad in Copenhagen. I also have friends who will be visiting me in Paris and cannot wait to show them around and have an excuse to check out all the touristy spots (can you believe I still haven’t actually been to the Eiffel Tower during this trip??). I’m so excited to keep exploring and learning more, so be sure to keep following along. Maybe at some point I’ll even get better at this whole blogging thing!

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