May 2019 Life Updates

I’m back with some fun life updates!


When I last posted, I was finishing up my semester in Paris, which flew by to say the least. After my Barcelona/Lisbon trip, I went to London, took my finals, went to Strasbourg, and hit some of the last Paris spots on my bucket list. While the semester was busy and stressful at times, I realized in the last couple of weeks just how at home I felt and how much I would miss everything the city has to offer… language, food, history, culture. I made it back home after nine-hour flight spent entirely by watching movies, and I spent calm and loving holiday season in Virginia with family. I will definitely be finding an excuse to go back to Paris some time soon.

Not long after, I headed back to New Orleans, and this sure has been a crazy semester. I started taking Spanish after being inspired by the witty and worldly Sciences Po students, while I was also taking a French course about teaching languages. I also took Media Analysis and Latin American Communications Policy, which overlapped quite a bit, as well as an introductory art history course and a seminar for my scholars program. My biggest task for this class was to come up with a topic, annotated bibliography, and literature review for my honors thesis; I’m excited to share with you all that I’m focusing on the French 2002 and U.S. 2016 presidential elections and how the media can play a role in producing shocking election results. Overall, academically, though I was taking six classes and much of what I studied was completely new to me, I found that the material overlapped quite a bit, providing an exciting interdisciplinary experience. Just one week into summer, I commented to some friends that I missed learning.  What can I say other than acknowledge my nerdiness.

IMG_8454.jpgMy college experience is hardly limited to going to class, so I also want to share what else I’ve been up to. I finished my two-semester virtual internship with USAID, which was an awesome way to learn more about global communication and policy, as well as  the United States’s role. I worked as an RA and a lifeguard, as well as going to various club meetings. Next semester, I will be Vice President of Newcomb Senate and VP of Administration for CACTUS! I enjoyed Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Spring Break in Orange Beach, Alabama, my 21st birthday at a karaoke restaurant, and even a quick trip home for Easter. Overall, I spent lots of time with friends, strengthening both old and new relationships, whether it consisted of an evening of Say Yes to the Dress or cookie dough and people-watching.


And now, on to the next adventure! I just got to DC yesterday, where I’ll be working atThe Brookings Institution as the Communications & Events Intern for The Hamilton Project. I’m looking forward to not only continuing my work with public relations and communications, but also learning about the policy making process from scholars at one of the top think tanks in the world. I am also excited to meet so many other passionate young people who are spending the summer in DC, including my roommates, the other Brookings interns, and people I know from Tulane. I will also be exploring the city quite a bit; though I’ve been here countless times, I can’t wait to keep trying new museums, restaurants, etc., as well as go back to a few of my old favorites. Can’t wait to see how the summer goes  and share a bit with you all about my time here!

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