The Start of Summer

When you think “summer,” do you really still think of days at the pool, beach vacations, and sleep-away camp? For most of us in college, summer equates to just as much work as the school year, just without the stress infiltrating into evenings and weekends. That being said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to spend 40 hours per week in an office building if you enjoy the work you do and get your fix of good food and warm weather while not at work.

One week in, and I can say with some degree of certainty that this is what I’m doing. Working a desk job is intimidating, but I love Brookings, its mission, and its people. Everyone is so intelligent, funny, and welcoming, and I’m honored to work alongside them and discuss everything from career/grad school plans to where to get the best Thai food in the city over a rooftop lunch. The work I do is very similar to things I have done in previous PR positions (drafting social media posts, prepping for events, media clipping, running the website, etc.), but with much more of a focus on policy and government. For example, I compiled a list of all the representatives and senators and will deliver them all a new copy of our book, which focuses on policies that would help the U.S. prepare for the next recession. Even while not working on specific projects, I have so many opportunities to learn and get engaged. Though I have very little experience with economics, I am able to attend roundtables with bagels and other events that teach me so much about the field and what my department is doing. Even outside the econ department, I am able to meet the 70 other summer interns through lunch-and-learns, a networking event with a neighboring think tank, and more.

In addition to work, I have done my best to get out into the city and explore new neighborhoods. I have been to Georgetown twice (yes I got cupcakes both times- more on this in a future blog post), as well as Capital Hill/Eastern Market, the National Mall, and, of course, Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom. Some highlights are boozy milkshakes at Ted’s Bulletin, picnicking by the Washington Monument with my roommates, and electric-scootering past the White House. I have also run into a surprising number of people I know (from Tulane, abroad, etc.), and I find out every day that there’s a new person I know in the city. Even when I am too tired from work to do much, I am able to keep up my excitement by downing pints of ice cream and cooking Trader Joe’s food with my roommates. I love having the opportunity to meet new people, as well as meet up with old friends I am conveniently living near, while working a cool, new job. Oh, and of course, I still love DC… I look forward to seeing what happens next!

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