Mardi Gras Chez Moi

Ah yes, the best time of the year in New Orleans. Between the krewes, the costumes, and, of course, the parties, there is nothing quite like Mardi Gras. This year, this unique holiday season was limited to at-home celebrations, but thankfully, this city knows how to party even while social distancing during a global pandemic.

Wherever I went during mid-February, whether I was going on a walk in my neighborhood or rushing down St. Charles and Magazine on my way to a spin class, the houses and businesses were alive with Mardi Gras magic. These “Float Homes” showed off everything from life-size dinosaurs to giant lollipops, so much purple, green, and gold, and obviously, beads galore. Even Tulane dressed up for the occasion!

Obviously, I couldn’t not participate in Mardi Gras. Riana and I decorated our home with all the festive materials we could find, and we even threw a joint Mardi Gras / Valentine’s Day get-together for our pod (complete with costumes!).

And, of course, we didn’t forget about the most important part of the Mardi Gras season… King Cake! So, so much King Cake!

Well, it definitely wasn’t the classic Tulane Mardi Gras that we all love, but we still found a way to make the most about it and celebrate life in our favorite city.

Laissez les bons temps rouler – toujours!

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