I’m Moving to France!

Now that my visa has arrived and everything is officially official… I am super excited to share that I’m moving to France in under a week!

This seriously seems surreal to write, especially since I’m leaving my career progress, family members, and friends in the U.S. Plus… Ever heard of COVID-19? Even though I know I will undoubtedly encounter some struggles and moments of panic throughout this process, I feel like it’s time to get back into the world and pursue my passions for learning languages, exploring international relations, and getting to meet new people and see new places.

Beginning in October, I will be working as a primary school English Teaching Assistant through the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) in the Académie de Versailles. I will also be living in the 17th arrondissement of Paris (right by the Arc de Triomphe!) and au pairing for a family with the absolute cutest kids. Needless to say, this is going to be a very eventful year!

While I’m really looking forward to visiting some of my favorite museums, shops, and restaurants upon arrival, I also want to do things a bit differently this time.

While taking part in my high school summer immersion program, I felt like purely just a tourist. Then, during my semester abroad, I spent so much time traveling to other European countries and hanging out with my American friends that, despite my increased French language proficiency, I felt like I was still missing out on a real cultural immersion.

During the next 10+ months I spend in France, I really want to meet more French people, make real connections and friends, and more than anything, turn this place into a second home.

This week will be full of stress and anticipation, as I say my goodbyes, find gifts for my host family, attend my last Orange Theory class, get a haircut, and finally start packing. Be sure to follow along as I share how my moving experience goes!

So, it’s time for my next adventure to begin… On y va and let’s go!

Left: Summer 2014 High School Immersion Program in Paris

Right: Fall 2018 Semester Exchange Program at Sciences Po Paris

2 responses to “I’m Moving to France!”

  1. Hi there! We are moving to France next summer (from Washington) and feeling very excited and … nervous :D. How do you like the new culture? How is the language? I started learning French 2 months ago (Pimsleur audio course) and like it so far.

    I was on exchange program too (work and travel in the US), it was one of the best time in my life :).

    I wish you a lot of luck, warmth, and only the best memories!


    1. Hello!

      Moving abroad is super exciting and there will be highs and lows for sure, but overall it has been a wonderful experience for me so far!

      My experience with learning French is a bit different, but I promise you that as much as you can learn from courses back home, everything will click much better once you get to France and have to hear/speak it in your everyday life!

      As far as the culture, there are definitely differences, but you will adjust to them over time. It can be exhausting to be in such a difference environment, but it’s also exhilarating 🙂

      Good luck with all your preparations as you make the move!! Feel free to reach out with any questions!


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