Bon Voyage

Months of planning and preparation have passed, and today is the day! I’m at Dulles International Airport, and in not long, I’m moving to Paris!

The trip just to the airport was long and stressful enough (who knew that the oil needs to be changed so frequently), and things didn’t get easier at the airport. I spent over an hour just trying to get my boarding pass and check my bags. Somehow, my bags were under the weight limit (even with my almond butter and taco seasonings packed!) and I rushed over to my gate just in time for boarding to begin.

As with any new experience, there are plenty of things that I am still stressed and concerned about, even now that I’ve made it to my gate. What if France bans travel from the U.S. while I’m on the way? Will I be exhausted when I finally arrive? Have I forgotten all my French since last time?

This being said, I’m also trying to focus on the positives. While traveling can be hectic, once I arrive, I will literally be living in one of the most beautiful, culturally-rich cities in the world. Paris is full of fresh pains au chocolat, cheap wines, impressionist paintings, and gorgeous architecture. What’s not to like?!

My teaching contract with TAPIF doesn’t begin until October, so I am really looking forward to having a month to get settled and start to feel at home before I start working. I cannot wait to take casual strolls through my neighborhood toward the Arc de Triomphe and finally meet everyone from my programs that I have been messaging online in person!

Send positivity my way as I embark on this adventure, and maybe even wish me a bon voyage! I hope to see some of you in France or around Europe throughout this year!

Au revoir pour maintenant et à la prochaine fois!

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