IAD to CDG Airplane Thoughts

The following is a compilation of contemplations and outbursts during my recent flight from Washington, D.C. to Paris. All times are in the EST time zone: 

6:39 PM – I actually made friends with the people sitting next to me, and then the flight attendant moved me up to a seat with nobody next to it. Wins all around!

7:25 PM – It has officially been an hour since my flight’s scheduled takeoff, and I am… still on the ground. Apparently there are storms around D.C., which is just lovely. I put on my koala slippers and have already made a solid dent in my snack stash. I think it’s time to watch the Selling Sunset episodes I downloaded.

8:11 PM – Ok I understand that people are bored but the guy pacing down the aisle reading a book is taking this to a new level. I would really just love to go to France now.

8:57 PM – Finally moving and hopefully taking off soon! Let’s do this!

9:34 PM – Looks like Air France is prepping everyone for Paris by serving cheese pasta, followed by cheese, followed by cheesecake for dinner. Unfortunately, dairy-sickness and motion-sickness don’t mix well for me, so I’ll be opting for my pre-packed meal. Bon appétit! 

9:48 PM – It took some willpower to choose water over sauvignon blanc. I think it’s hilarious that I just cut an avocado on an airplane. Love Air France’s wooden silverware.

10:51 PM – Time for bed! Brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put in my retainer. So thankful for the self-serve unlimited beverages (I love hydration okay)! Going to try to get some sleep since it’s already almost 5am Paris time… oops!

11:43 PM – Ok I seriously don’t know how people get comfortable and calm enough to sleep on planes. SOS! Also, I just remembered that sparkling water is a big deal in Europe. I tried some and it was not the worst but… It’s not for me. 

3:15 AM – So I did get some sleep, but it definitely wasn’t enough. I’m exhausted. 

3:52 AM – There is a cat somewhere in my section that has been meowing consistently for over five hours and I’m so over it.

4:34 AM – It’s 10:34 AM Paris time and we just landed!! I’m so ready to get off this plane and get started with my life in Paris!

P.S. I did find the cat after exiting the plane. Turns out that it was in the row right in front of me which is also likely why I felt my allergies acting up. Lovely.

And yes, obviously I had to listed to Paris by The Chainsmokers as soon as I landed!

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