Montmartre Top 10

Often referred to as a charming village within Paris, Montmartre is one of my favorite places to explore. The scenery, attractions, and general vibes are somehow different from the rest of the city that surrounds it.

Whether you’re checking out Montmartre for the first time during your vacation or want to find some new charming spots in this area you’ve visited plenty of times before, this Top 10 guide will help you make the most out of your trip.

1. Sacré Cœur Basilica

Sacré Cœur is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Montmartre area. Hang out on the staircase outside to watch some street performers or check out the interior of the basilica. While it requires a bit of a hike, many people claim that the top of the Sacré Cœur Basilica is one of their favorite views of Paris.

2. Mur des Je T’aimes

In how many languages can you say “I love you?” You can find the Mur des Je T’aimes in a quaint park near La Butte de Montmartre. Pose for a photo and see if you can actually find “je t’aime” on the wall!

3. Windmills & Le Moulin Rouge

The approximately 30 windmills that were once scattered around Montmartre have been reduced to only a couple that are still standing. You can enjoy a game reminiscent of “Where’s Waldo” as you search for the windmills of the former countryside village, or you can go directly to the iconic Moulin Rouge for what is sure to be an interesting performance.

4. Museums

While they don’t necessarily hold the same prestige as the Louvre, the many museums in Montmartre may spark your interest. These include Musée de Montmartre, Musée de Picasso, Musée de la Vie Romantique, and Dalí Paris.

5. Vineyard the Clos du Montmartre

Did you know that Montmartre is actually home to a full vineyard? While it is tucked away in the back section of the village, it can be worth it to take a look when the weather is nice. One a year in October, Montmartre even has a wine festival known as La Fête des Vendanges.

6. Live Artists

As you wander around the streets of Montmartre, you’ll notice that they are truly alive and thriving with art and music. My favorite place to go is Place du Tertre, where you can find numerous artists painting and selling their artwork. Get a portrait done, purchase your favorite Parisian masterpiece as a souvenir, or just sit and watch the many street performers.

7. Iconic Staircases

Because Montmartre is on a large hill, there are plenty of stairs all over the village. Live out your Amélie dreams by walking up the trendy graffitied back stairs or make the hike up to Sacré Cœur rather than taking the funicular. If you happen to go through the Abbesses metro station, take note that this is the deepest station in Paris… You just might want to take the elevator up!

8. Food & Drink

It wouldn’t be Paris without some exceptional food and drink spots! Famous restaurants in Montmartre include La Maison Rose and Le Consulat, but you can also find plenty of crêpe stands and classic French cafés in the area. Just a short walk away in the Pigalle area, I also recommend Pink Mamma (incredible Italian), Bouillon Pigalle (French for cheap), and Vertical’Art (rock climbing with a cafe/bar).

9. Views of Paris

From the top of the Butte de Montmartre, you’re sure to be impressed by the view of Paris. Maps along the overlook point out numerous landmarks, including Centre Pompidou, Gare du Nord, Montparnasse, and Invalides. If you make it to the back side of Montmartre, you might even be able to see the Eiffel Tower!

10. Shopping

Just like the rest of the city, Montmartre is full of interesting shops and boutiques lining the streets. The shops around Sacré Cœur and Place du Tertre are definitely geared more toward tourists, but there are plenty of other nearby shops that you can pop into as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out this trendy, fun, and super unique neighborhood during your next trip to Paris!

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