July 2022 Life Updates

Hi y’all, Robin here!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to add to my blog and create any sort of content except for quick TikToks and personal Instagram posts, but I wanted to take a minute to reflect before getting started with a new adventure.

I finished my English teaching contract with TAPIF at the end of April. That didn’t mean my time in France was over, however, as I (first exited and re-entered the Schengen Zone, but then) stayed another two and a half months to au pair for my host family.

Saying this period of time was all work and no play would be a huge lie, though… In addition to the 25ish hours of work I did each week, I also had so much fun with my friends exploring Paris and creating all sorts of memories, including going to sushi à volonté, taking our iconic Moulin Rouge selfies, making brunch chez Robin, and celebrating a very festive Bastille Day on the Champ de Mars.

Since finishing my teaching contract, I also travelled to Scotland (twice!), Lille, Brussels, Mallorca, Marseille, and Malta.

Just two days after Bastille Day, I flew to NYC and had a quick pit stop there before taking the train to my hometown. The 36 hours of travel were absolutely excruciating, but everything worked out without too many issues and I made it home to rest in my huge comfy bed and fill up my belly on all the good American snacks!

That’s essentially what I was up to during the four days I had at home, as well as going on Starbucks/froyo runs with my sisters and trying to stay sane despite the kitchen remodel happening right above my bedroom.

Just a few days ago, however, I left home at 4AM sharp to begin another hectic day of travel. During the next three weeks, I’ll be solo backpacking some select spots in Central America! My self-designed itenerary includes stops in Mexico City and Oaxaca in Mexico, Antigua and Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, and Caye Caulker in Belize.

While I’ve been all over Europe, I have never been to any other foreign countries, so I’m super excited for some new experiences. I’m also really looking forward to taking advantage of the gorgeous nature I will come across, including lakes, volcanoes, beaches, and coral reefs. Hopefully, my Spanish will improve some as well!

Once my Central America trip ends, I’ll be flying into D.C. and splitting my time between there, my hometown, and NYC before heading back to Paris on September 1. I also plan on full-time freelance writing during this time to help fund my expensive (yet very rewarding) country-hopping hobby.

One last note: You might notice I’m doing a bit of rebranding with my blog. While I have absolutely loved living in France this past year and plan to go back for another year beginning in September, one of the biggest things I’ve learned this year is how passionate I am about continuing to explore, see new places, meet new people, and learn new languages. My plan is to share life updates, Paris recs, and general travel info and guides all through “Robin Round the World.”

The next few weeks are sure to be full of crazy experiences, so be sure to follow along! I’m in Mexico now and can’t wait to update you all on what I’ve already seen and done.

À bientôt … and Hasta luego!

Instagram: @robin_roundtheworld

TikTok: @robinboch

Blog: http://www.robinroundtheworld.com

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